Bread is bad for waterfowl. When the City erected a sign asking residents to refrain from doing that, Sarah Horton, with the blessing of the Parks Committee, orchestrated the installation of duck feeders. CANBE purchased the equipment, Troy Bradfield and Public Works erected them, and they have been operating successfully since July, 2022.

Money received goes to buy new feed, maintain and improve the feeders, and the surplus goes to the Nassau Bay Animal Shelter. During maintenance and filling of the feeders, quarters are emptied and turned over to the treasurer of CANBE who, in turn, cleans the quarters, counts them and rolls them before depositing them. Whether you buy feed from the feeders, or bring your own feed, CANBE encourages everyone to make sure bread is not on the menu at the park.

CANBE is pleased to sponsor Nassau Bay's two Little Free Libraries.

It's located between the Pavilion and the Dog Park on the walkway to the playground. Our Little Free Library is experiencing
a busy time of year, so when you take a book to read. try to leave a book for someone else.

Ashley Graves built the first Little Free Library in Nassau Bay in 2017 at her former residence on Prince William Lane.

The first David Braun Park LFL was donated by former City Manager Jason Reynolds and his family in 2019. This beautifully hand-crafted library was replaced in 2020 with a more durable box constructed of recycled materials designed to withstand the heat and humidity of our blistering Texas summers.

The Abotteen family has championed the David Braun Park LFL since its inception. They make sure it is well-stocked, and there is a good mix of books, especially kids books. They also inspect the site often to check for problems. Many other residents also pitch in with new books to keep the library well-stocked.

If you have comments or questions about Nassau Bav's Little Free Librarv, or would like to donate books, please contact Omar at


CANBE Legacy Benches is the Eagle Scout community service project for Stephen


Thank you, Stephen, for the detailed planning and hard work you invested in the Legacy Bench program. We look forward to you becoming an Eagle Scout.

Legacy Benches

CANBE was proud to help sponsor Nassau Bay resident Alec Biggerstaff, Boy Scout & Nauticat, with his Eagle Scout community service project. Thanks to Alec's hard work, the spectator experience at Nauticat swim meets will be greatly enhanced.
for serving your community. We are proud of you and appreciate your community service.

Terraced Seating Area at the Pool



CANBE Award for Nassau Bay Beautification

Established in 2008, this monthly Award honored Nassau Bay residents with well-manicured yards and well-maintained homes. Honorees displayed the Award Sign in their yard for the whole month, received a framed Award Certificate, and were honored with an article in the City News newsletter. The program was suspended with the arrival of Hurricane Ike.


Legacy Bricks

A Legacy Brick is a great way to immortalize yourself, a family member, a friend, a pet, or an organization in Nassau Bay and it helps fund worthy projects in the city. Your $100 Legacy Bricks will become part of the display in Lake Nassau Park. The bricks cost $20 each, so $80 goes for enhancement projects. The original Legacy Brick display was installed at the boardwalk entrance in July, 2008.

Nassau Bay Dog Park

No walk around Lake Nassau is complete without a stop at the The Nassau Bay Dog Park for your dog. It will be the highlight of their day.

Nassau Bay Animal Shelter

Our 2017 Paws for a Cause event at the Dog Park was a
resounding success. We raised funds to help the Animal Shelter care for lost and abandoned animals and find them loving homes.

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