We sincerely thank you for your investment in Nassau Bay!

If you have any questions about becoming a Benefactor or how your donation can help us help Nassau Bay, or want to discuss how you can  help in some other way, please go to the contact page and email me.

Gayle Nelson

Chair, CANBE Board of Trustees

Family Benefactor Hall of Fame

As of May 4, 2017

Titanium: $2,500 and Up

• Edward L & Roseline L Curran  • Anonymous Donor

(The anonymous donor is a Bay Area resident who established the Irene and Leonard Anderson
Memorial 2-for-1 Challenge for the Paws for a Cause event that resulted in $5,000 donation).

Platinum: $1,501 to $2,499

Carol & Ron Swofford

Gold: $751 to $1,500

John Steiger  •  Michael Hesse  •  Don & Cheryl Matter  •  Brad Bailey

Silver: $251 to $750

Bozak, Vincent & Rena; Dempsey, George & Mary Lee; Kennedy, John & Brenda; Byerly, Kellie &  Debbie;
Magnan, Mike & Dawn; Haugen, John C. & Norma; Lee, Roscoe & Tuie; Moses, Rex & Valerie; Rone, Kyle & Metta; Tomasi, Paula; Blake, Susana; Christensen, Steve & June; Van Zijll, Adrian & Geneva; Cloutier, Kaye &  Paul; Nelson, Gayle &  Frank; Denman, Mark; Holick, D. J.; Berend, Vincent; Gidden, Andrew 7 Evelyn; Miles, Herbert & Arlis; Rowland, William & Diane; Salinas, Guadalupe & Lynne; Seyl, Jack or Colleen

Bronze: $50 to $250

Braun, Angela; Brito, Xavier & Robin; Hsi, Deborah; Ledet, James & Brenda; McClung, R. Keith &  Pat;
Palladini, Robert & Angie; Phillips, Harold & Arlene; Sovine, Robert & Denise; Tracy, Douglas & Sherri; Wyatt, Susan; Guy, Yvonne; Blevims, David & Brenda; Edwards, James C. & Joy W.; Forsten, B. H.; Gallagher, Robert & Maurita; Johnson, Donald & Bette; Kirchoff, P; Lloyd, Christa; Palmer, Wesley; Papanicolou, Nora & Andrew; Plunlett, J. Peter; Preston, John & Monica; Rone, Kyle &  Metta; Rosenhagen, Kurt & Alice; Roth, Gerald & Donna; Scott, Bob & Elizabeth; Shanks, Troy; Thomas, Paul & Ann; Williamson, Holly & Danny; Woods, A. B.; Browning, Diana; Bomersbach, Byron & Stacey; Booth, Darrell & Debra K Shaw- Booth; Carroll, Anthony & Barbara; Chauliagon, Linda; Harding, Jane; Foster, Sherry; Gregg III, Dick; Guy, Yvonne; Hemminghaus, Patricia; Jones, Gay lynn; Larsen, William & Charlotte; McElveen, Frances; Samson, Jayne; Stilwell, Mary; Walker, PH D., Linda Jean; Dunklee, Daisy; Baumgartner, Richard; Locke, Jerry & Deborah; McMillan, D. Frank & Terrell; Stoa, Jim & Donna;  Amdur, Stacey; Armstrong, Bettie; Beasley, Russell & Gail; Curtiss, Carol; Dollar, Harry; Domingo, Suzanne; Ethridge, Colleen; Ewing, Keith; Fischesser, Paula & Dave; Flagg, Helen & Henry; Geehan, Michael & Elizabeth; Griffith, David J or Arlene; Handley, John & Annette; Hesse, Brenda; Hesse, Mark; Hodgkins, Marcus; Jones, Ronald & Libby; Lloyd, Robert & Mary Lou; Lynn, Nancy Brendel; Malmgren, Sandra; Martin, Thomas or Ardene; Mattei, William; Molyneau, Roderick; Neustadter, Diane & John; Nugent, John; Ogedegbe, Kehinde; Phillips, Aleida; Phillips, Brian & Pam; Pomykal, Ray & Sherry; Powell, Gordon & Lora; Prior, Matt & Kathy; Robinson, James & Darla; Rose, Paul &  Lyyn; Roy, Stuart & Mary; Saxe, Ira; Skeeters, Edward & Kathy; Taylor, Charles &  Susan; Tenney, Scott & Deborah; Vollbrecht, Ken & Terri; Zinoble, Raymond & Barbara; Nelson, Marybeth; Davis, Rhonda; Byerly, Deborah; Ketcham, Janette & Robert; Collin

Corporate Benefactor Hall of Fame

Titanium: $25,000 and Up


Platinum: $12,501 to $24,999


Gold: $12,501 to $24,999


Silver: $501 to $2,500

Marriott Courtyard Inn, Texas Wealth Management

Bronze: $100 to $500

Eco-Pest, Arlans Market, Dog Tales Pet Spa, Michael Miller Corporation

Nassau Bay Homes Association, Swan Lagoon Property Owners, Inc.

In-Kind Donations

Cash donations fuel this organization, but in-kind donations
of materials and services are absolutely essential to our success.

Those contributions are less-easily quantified, but we are nonetheless profoundly indebted
to everyone who contributes their time, talents, and goods to the CANBE cause.

Get connected.

CANBE was founded in 2007 to raise funds for special projects to improve our Nassau Bay
quality of life and property values. The Community Association for Nassau Bay Enhancement, Inc.
(CANBE) is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to
the extent permitted by law. The CANBE tax identification number is 20-8555298.

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